Demystifying Facts About Prohormones

The best and most effective legal prohormones you can find in the market are andro prohormones. No other supplement in the market can give you mental fierceness and gains in strength and size that you need to work out your best at the gym than prohormones. But for these supplements or any other muscle gain product to work, you need to have an exercise plan and a good diet. This article will discuss the effects and side effects of prohormones in UK.

Many people know little if any about prohormones. For this reason, many people misunderstand these supplements and as a result, you find that the information they have about the effects and side effects of these supplements on the body is wrong. For the purpose of demystifying any myths, this article will address those misconception surrounding the use of prohormones.

Let us start by saying today’s prohormones are safer to use than ever. Once you take a dosage of this supplement, it is processed by the liver into substances that the body can use. Ones processed by the liver, prohormones are converted into active hormones. This means that you should avoid overdosing yourself on these supplements as high levels of hormones in your body might lead to a negative side effect.
As earlier mentioned, today’s prohormones are much safer to use than those from yester years. They have become safer because they are no longer methylated. This means that they are no longer toxic to the liver, therefore, the chances of them destroying your liver are much smaller. By making it less toxic, this supplement has radically shifted from being harmful to much safer.
Most people though ask themselves if prohormones are steroids. If you are among this lot, then here is your answer. When you ingest prohormones, they are processed by the liver and then undergo biological processes that convert them to active hormones or steroids.

Positive Effects

Before using any supplement, it is wise to know whether you will benefit from it or not. For prohormones – check out prohormones uk informative website, it is good to know what to expect from its use. Prohormones have many effects, but it is important to remember that these effects vary from person to person. With that said, here are some of the desired effects of using this product:

– It increases your libido
– It increases your strength
– Leads to rapid increase in muscle mass and weight gain
– It increases your drive and focus in the gym and also in life

Negative Effects

Now that you know how prohormones will benefit your body, it is time to learn how it can harm it. These supplements are converted to active hormones in your body. This means that some of the side effects that you may suffer from its use are hormone-related side effects. Some side effects resulting from the use of prohormones include:

– Testicular shrinkage: Your testicles might shrink because of using these supplements. However, this side effect is very unlikely to occur as today’s prohormones are DSHEA compliant. In case you get this side effect, you should not worry as it is temporary and will subside when your cycle is over.

– Acne: You might also get acne. However, as it is with testicular shrinkage, this negative effect is temporary and will subside when your cycle is over and the levels of your hormones balance.

– Gynecomastia: You might also get gynecomastia, a condition that is popularly known as man boobs. This condition might occur because of the prohormone aromatizing thus forming estrogen. Estrogen then leads to a lot of fats forming around the breast area thus forming man boobs. To avoid this side effect, use legal aromatase inhibitors and SERM’s during and after a cycle.

– Loss of Hair: You might also loose hair but this is unlikely when using today’s safer prohormones.
Prohormone’s After Effects

One of the most common concerns that most people using this supplement have when using it is if it is possible to control estrogen during and after a cycle. Well, yes you can control estrogen. You can do this by either using safe, legal, and natural aromatase inhibitors (AI), SERM’s, or testosterone boosters.
Aromatase Inhibitor (AI)

Aromatase inhibitors block or inhibit estrogen synthesis. By doing this, they make sure that the levels of testosterone and estrogen remain in balance. They also aid in ensuring that the production of testosterone continues during a cycle thus minimizing the chances of a shutdown.


SERM’s or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators are compounds that combat side effects related to estrogen. These compounds also ensure that your body retains muscles and weight gains made when you were on a cycle. Therefore, to combat estrogen related side effects, have SERM’s on hand.
Testosterone Boosters/Post Cycle Therapy

As mentioned earlier, prohormones are converted by the body to active hormones such as 1-testosterone, nadrolone, and testosterone. By adding these hormones, your body might start producing less natural testosterone. This effect is not bad when you are still on your cycle, but ones you finish, something needs to be done. What you can do is use testosterone boosters to return things back to normal.
As we have seen, prohormones are safe to use. Therefore, do not panic while using prohormones UK.